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When the camera starts rolling, the Mugler goddess springs into action. The brand’s return to the catwalk can be summed up in three words: cinematic, sexy and stellar. A return that the late Thierry Mugler would undoubtedly have loved. If the founder revolutionized fashion in the 90s by turning his fashion shows into a cinematic spectacle, Cadwallader has masterfully taken up the baton. It seems a parallel, yes, but this is the Mugler of the 21st century.

Casey Cadwallader has managed to unleash the Mugler imaginary through film, turning La Villete into a recording set where the audience could see everything live and direct. Because the Mugler goddess knows how to do more than just walk the runway, and the hybrid performative act between the live fashion show and the recording is an example of this.

The cinematic fantasy in which the brand immerses us was at the service of the body in its multiple identities and forms. The filming set saw models such as Paloma Elsesser, Irina Shayk, Adut Akech, Mariacarla Boscono, and even Arca herself, who took the opportunity to snatch the new Spiral Curve 01 bag from the American rapper JT.

Today’s Mugler has nothing to envy to Thierry’s as far as the cult of the body is concerned. Remaining consistent and constant, the brand is one of the first to really advocate the inclusion of bodies and identities. One only needs to review the cast of models to realize that this is real and true.

Cadwallader knows that the body is a temple, and the Mugler goddesses walk around wrapped in lace, leather, modern corsetry. The motomami looks are diversified in a thousand different ways: skirts, pants, jackets… Even denim appears as part of a collection where the wild woman hypnotizes.

The brand, which stopped its fashion shows because of the pandemic, has pulled out all the stops in its return to Haute Couture Week. A brazen move, considering that the brand does not currently produce haute couture, but also brave and groundbreaking, rebellious as the brand. Because Thierry’s haute couture was quite a show, yes, but Cadwallader’s Mugler has managed to bring the brand to the present times and become a true reflection of the pop culture of our century.