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Moncler presents its Autumn/Winter 2022 sunglasses collection featuring superstar Lil Uzi Vert.


Lil Uzi Vert stars in the Moncler Lunettes winter campaign. Uzi, who has never shied away from an eclectic and daring style, wears the brand’s most iconic sunglasses in a unique way, such as the Pentagra and the Ombrate. He also pairs them with the brand’s signature pieces that set the season’s hottest trends: a balaclava, a slim jumper in red or a puffer waistcoat.

Moncler’s futuristic design draws attention to Uzi’s seemingly stoic appearance and invites you to get to know the rapper from another universe. Through this collaboration, Moncler Lunettes has created a platform that urges anyone, even those with unparalleled success, to show themselves as they are.

Moncler reimagines the iconic Clarks Originals silhouettes.