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Chanel starts in the technological universe with a chameleon style USB drive. Anyone could claim that this is a spy-made object, its appearance typical of a company cosmetic incites to deception. Sliding the cap reveals the connector port of a storage device. This launch by the French firm will be the most sophisticated item of the return to the office after confinement.

Chanel USB

Exclusivity can also be found in the most everyday objects. Chanel has decided to include among its range of articles this USB with a capacity of 8GB. The electronic device is housed in the black lacquered tube with gold details. At first glance, everyone could mistake it for the Rouge Coco Flash lipstick from the Chanel Beauty series. In addition, the double C logo is engraved on the top of the cap to raise further questions.

Having an electronic product signed by the Parisian label costs approximately 130 euros and you can already buy it on the Chanel website.