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La Zowi releases ‘Matrix’ by La Vendición Records and through a videoclip inspired by the film of the same name.

We start the weekend by embarking on a journey with La Zowi, who immerses us in her two universes. Through a surprising video clip, she introduces us to two parallel realities that present us with the singer‘s different personalities. In the first one, La Zowi is shown in a totally Matrixian atmosphere, dressed from head to toe in a black latex jumpsuit; while in the second one we see her enjoying herself in a mansion while riding a jet ski.

Mark Luva, Joxean Rivas and Roydee have been the producers of the video clip, while Esther Boyarizo has been in charge of directing it. Run and listen to ‘Matrix’ if you haven’t already done so… and get ready to start the weekend in style.

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