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The campaign Foot District has created to celebrate Valentine’s Day puts the focus on virtual love and invites you to complete a story of which we only know the first part. Two people chatting through an app called Loaving until one of them breaks the ice and asks to meet in person. How will this “blind” dating proposal continue?

It will be the Foot District community itself that responds. All customers who make their purchase online or in a physical store from now until February 11 will be able to participate in this game. Each of them will receive a card with instructions and another with that decisive message. The dynamic is easy, it’s all about responding to that message and uploading your response to Instagram Stories by mentioning @footdistrict including the hashtag #LoavingFD. There’s total freedom of content: from a drawing to a letter, to an audio or video for the more daring.

The best answer will win the prize: a 200 euro voucher to be spent in the Foot District store, both online and in the physical store in Madrid or Barcelona.

The editorial of the LOAVING campaign reflects the tension of a relationship between two people who have not yet seen each other physically and whose connection is sustained only through screens. The imaginary combines the retro and the modern, forming a bridge between the conception of love decades ago and the dynamics that prevail in today’s social relations. Even though, in whatever form, real love is always firm through time.