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It is well known that from the moment the luxury and “made in Spain” brand Loewe signed its current creative director, the British Jonathan Anderson, it began to position itself as one of the most avant-garde brands in the sector, thanks to the designer’s creations and ideas. And after positioning itself season after season as one of the most creative and original brands, Loewe is back to present one of its latest garments, which is worthy of becoming almost an object of desire.

This garment we are referring to is nothing more and nothing less than the multicoloured work jacket that Loewe and Anderson have designed for lovers of combined garments. This piece is characterised by its cobalt blue patch pockets, its two-tone front panel and its yellow patch on the sleeve. In addition, and in keeping with one of their clear hallmarks, leather goods, the garment is finished with black leather details, on which the brand’s logo is embossed.

If you liked this garment as much as we did and you have 850 euros on hand, you can now buy this beautiful Loewe jacket on their website.