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French fashion house Longchamp returns to its roots and focuses on its hometown with Parisian street artist André Saraiva.

This is a collection in which the graffiti artist will customise a selection of bags to create the exclusive Le Pliage line. Saraiva‘s eponymous characters will take over the items while his typical colour palette will harmonise the selection. In this way, two artistic forces of French culture embrace and celebrate the heritage, possibility and joyful creativity that distinguishes them.

“The designs are typical André: full of energy, poetry and positivity,” says Sophie Delafontaine. “Everyone knows that Le Pliage® is an artist’s favourite canvas, but this is the first time it has become a character! 

You can already find the Longchamp & André collection on the website. If you prefer to discover it in physical shops around the world, you’ll have to wait until 26 April.

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