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Louis Vuitton’s new collection for FW21 exemplifies the human comedy stuck in unprecedented ideals. “Ebonics”, is the result of Virgil Abloh’s study for portraying the sometimes archaic and depressing society as a whole. Let the show begin. 

Louis Vuitton’s FW21 collection, “EBONICS” is presented in three theatrical acts that critique the world we live in. The show begins on a snowy hill in Switzerland. The protagonist of this first part, Saul Williams appears together with the protagonist of the season: a chrome monogrammed trunk-bag. Suddenly, the scenery changes to a light-filled room located in the Tennis Club de Paris. Overall, Abloh’s choice of scenes reference James Baldwin’s essay “Stranger in the Village,” and allude to the author’s time spent in a village in Switzerland and his life in the United States.

The whole presentation is divided into three acts marked by dance, ice skating, poetry and scenography. Thus, the models represent different archetypal characters of society.

“EBONICS” seeks to examine “the presumptions we make about people based on the way they dress: their cultural background, gender, and sexuality.” This message becomes clearer as the garments in the collection are worn. One of the protagonists is the transparent monogrammed suit. In addition, we see Abloh’s intention to redesign the brand’s classics with materials such as plastic or marble prints.

Referring to the collection, Virgil has communicated: “Within my practice, I contribute to a Black canon of culture and art and its preservation. This is why, to preserve my own output, I record it at length.”

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