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Nicolas Ghesquière (@nicolasghesquiere) has just presented the Louis Vuitton W Cruise 2019 collection. After renewing his contract for 5 more years, the designer is once again showing his talent on a collection that does not disappoint.

Louis Vuitton W | Crucero 2019

The Maeght Foundation in Paris hosted the presentation of a collection inspired by the French hills, in which XXL accessories, eccentricity and prints created a unique narrative thread. Because these three things are the coming trend. Although without a doubt what has attracted our attention the most attention has been the oversized glasses.

Louis Vuitton - W Crucero 2019

In the collection there is also a small capsule with Grace Coddington who has been responsible for the design of the new bags in which the typical cats of the artist took all the protagonism. “I know [cats] always look the same, but they’re actually a little new,” Grace said.

Louis Vuitton W | Crucero 2019 - Looks

A new proposal in which Ghesquière reaffirmed his fanaticism for the natural mixture that Mother Earth and art create among themselves.