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Maison Margiela wanted to give a new touch to their Tabi Boots and decided to paint over them. Despite this risky decision, we love the result.

There is no doubt that all Tabi shoes designed by the Belgian artist are the object of desire of any fashion lover. And even more so when we are talking about versions as authentic as this last one. Made with high quality materials such as linen and leather, this model meets all expectations.

The fact of emptying a can of white paint on these boots is undoubtedly a statement of intent. A rather risky but wise bet. “I don’t care” says Margiela.

Take a look at the following gallery and appreciate all the details of this new creation:

This limited version of Maison Margiela ‘s Ankle Tabi Boots is available at selected retailers at a price of $980 (approximately €822).

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