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Marc Márquez and Pull&Bear have teamed up again to design new garments for this last season.

There is no doubt that the motorcycle racer and the young fashion retailer have managed to find that idyllic point of connection while joining forces; so necessary to achieve successful results. That is why they have met again this new season; where the result has been the creation of four models of T-shirts that combine a casual and sporty style.

New garments are available in two colors: black and white. All of them include graphics that make reference to the athlete, either including his iconic number 93; the helmet he uses in competitions or the drawing by pieces of his motorcycle. There is no doubt that this new UNLIMITED collection, whose slogan is back on track/no fear/no limits/no excuses, has been created with all those who are passionate about risk, adrenaline and, above all, the world of motorcycling in mind.

You can now find the new designs exclusively on  Pull&Bear ‘s website.

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