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Marshall Columbia, the emerging fashion designer who has won over icons such as Dua Lipa and Hunter Schafer, is making a big version of his renowned Moonflower bag.


Following a “puffy” structure, Marshall Columbia‘s flagship accessory has quickly positioned itself as a wardrobe staple for the daring. Its fun aesthetic and playful colours are matched with the rest of the collection, which includes hoodies, tank tops, knitted jumpers, denim ensembles and crop tops and cut-out sleeves. The TD Kent glasses have also become very popular on social media thanks to their original silhouette.

“I always try to use my earliest memories as an initial reference point for a collection… I’ve thought a lot about when all my friends in the neighbourhood and I used to do was skateboard. I’ve thought a lot about when all me and my friends in the neighbourhood used to do was skate,” says the designer and creative director. “In this collection I want to create the environment that I would have liked to have when I was growing up, what would it be like if the skatepark was an inclusive place?”


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