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In this time when remote or hybrid work, meetings and Zoom calls are the norm, Martine Rose has created the perfect outfit to face our working days. In her new Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, the influence of these two years of pandemic is at the center of the creative proposal.

Under the name “Somewhere Between Work and Sleep”, Martine Rose offers us a set of garments designed to be worn from bed or to the remote work office. A carbon copy of our lives that we have somehow experienced or are experiencing.

Suits are paired with bulbous toe loafers, tracksuits are paired with dress shirts and sweatpants can be seen paired with a tie and blazer. Basically, it’s all about breaking away from office etiquette. In fact, we find pieces like a very particular scarf, as if it were a grandmother’s sheet with ruffles.

Hair becomes an essential element in the proposal; it appears messy, framing in a genuine and at the same time very elegant way the atmosphere of the collection. The hairstyle sums up the whole vibe, that hair moment when we wake up in the morning.

We see ourselves wearing every piece from this collection, whether it’s staying teleworking or going to the office. And you, would you wear the outfit that Martine Rose has designed especially for you?

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