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MELLER, the independent brand from Barcelona, presents the first advertising campaign with full nudity. In them, sunglasses are the main protagonists.

Under the slogan ‘ONLY THE ESSENTIAL’, the new campaign of the eyewear brand MELLER aims to challenge the censorship limits of Instagram, its main communication channel. Models of different ages pose nude on the beach with the essential – along with sunscreen – sunglasses.

In this way, MELLER also seeks to contribute to the normalisation of naked bodies. Assuming that we live in the age of freedom, it is time to remove the limits and barriers that are placed on it in social networks – and in society in general. But the question posed by the brand is: Who decides the limits to censorship and freedom?

‘ONLY THE ESSENTIAL’ is a call to not censor ourselves and to celebrate our naked bodies. But always without forgetting the essential: sunnies. MELLER thus proposes and vindicates his way of going to the beach: with sunglasses and nothing else

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