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Heritage Auctions recently auctioned off a T-shirt that Michael Jordan wore during the 1982-1983 season at the University of North Carolina. The price? Yes, you read the headline correctly: $1.38 million USD.

Michael Jordan

According to our sources, the auction marked a milestone by becoming the most expensive Jordan jersey ever sold. Where did it come from? A high school student who was working as a locker room attendant at the time kept Michael’s jersey after the game.

The auction house Heritage Auctions claims it is authentic and justifies it with a photo published in The Sporting News. It shows Michael posing with the jersey at the “Player of the Year” stand.

In the latest years, photo comparison has become a valid process to check the veracity of a piece. Thus, The Sporting News’ high-resolution images show the holes in the mesh caused by wear and tear and other details.

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