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Brain Dead is thrilled to announce their new project in collaboration with Minions. The team have worked with twelve incredible native and First Nations artists to help bring their Minions collection to life.

Fred and Della Cruz, Veronica Poblano, Tytianna Harris, Prudy Correa, Bobby Wilson, Brittney Walley, Sheridan MacKnight, Jill Kaasteen and Ishi Glinsky all utilized different traditional mediums and techniques to reimagine pop culture.

Ishi Glinsky‘s work also mirrors a similar importance on tradition while keeping an eye towards innovation.  His recent pieces “often consists of a close study of the history and significance of a craft tradition”. Each of his installations call upon the senses and highlight ongoing intertribal celebration and resourcefulness.

So, Brain Dead is excited to highlight the thriving importance of native art that transcends medium, subject, and aesthetic. This project brings the brilliance of passed down tradition to an out-of-the-box modern collaboration. Whether it be with Jill Kasteen who shares parts of her beading and hide making processes across social media. Or Fred and Della Cruz who “gather Sonoran Desert plant materials by hand to weave baskets in the traditional way”.

Sometimes, the best things in life are an unexpected pairing – or a good meme. Brain Dead x Minions asks – why not both? The Minions visited Brain Dead for an exciting collaboration, designed for big kids and little fans alike – each piece capturing the playfulness of childhood imagination and the joy of internet weirdness.

The exclusive collection of limited edition tees, sweatpants, zip ups and totes are available at an at all locations worldwide. To celebrate these amazing artists, a donation has been made in support of the indigenous artisan community.