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The moment we lived in Paris last Saturday will remain in our memory for a long time. One of our fetish brands, the thriving Polish brand Misbhv, directed by the duo Natalia Maczek and Thomas Wirski, made its debut at Paris Fashion Week.


In previous seasons, they opened a temporary showroom, which had also been a great achievement. However, now and after their debut on the Paris Fashion Week their position in the High-End is strengthened.

A new celebration of underground culture and rave aesthetics in which a much greater commitment to tailoring and risky cuts got us into a conception of the brand until now unknown. There were brushstrokes in previous collections but this time was the final, the debut and have not disappointed.

All-over logo, neon, lycras that connect with racing culture, cowboy boots, tribal or denim were mixed. All very MISBHV style, in an underground car park, but with a sense of perfection that sometimes we missed in previous collections.


Now Natalia and Thomas have gone a step further, a step without return that season after season will demand a level. We are sure that MISBHV will know how to approach this new stage without losing an iota of its essence.