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Just a couple of months ago we introduced you to HIGHXTAR Urban Sports Club, the new app with which doing sports becomes much more comfortable and simple. Today I come to tell you about my personal experience and how this app has changed my daily routine for the better.

I’ve always liked sports, but the truth is that I don’t have much time to practice them either. Besides, going to the gym is quite difficult for me, I never end up adapting to the routine and just when it seemed that I was getting it… BOOM, the coronavirus came into our lives. Like most of us, I tried to take advantage of the confinement to exercise at home, but as soon as summer arrived… bye bye.

Back to September, back to routine. I thought about going back to the gym, but with the second wave the restrictions and the closure of sports facilities came back. Everything pointed to the fact that destiny did not want me to carry out my fitness plan – in the end I want to be a fit legend -. Little by little, I abandoned this idea until I read our post introducing Urban Sports Club. From the beginning, both the format and the idea of the application caught my attention, so I decided to give it a try. Without a doubt, it has been the best decision.

Assuming that this is an application in which the feed is the sports activities available for the day, nothing can go wrong. It’s the new Twitter: you wake up and scroll through the screen thinking: What do I feel like doing today? Dancing? Outdoor skating? Body pump? Crossfit? All the activities you can imagine and many more are available at Urban Sports Club. It’s as simple as choosing the one that most appeals to you, booking your place and scanning the QR code when you arrive at the sports center.

Thanks to this app, I myself have dared to practice sports that I would have never imagined in my life. The first day I started with something simple, a normal workout at Gymage; following by a GAP class at SmartFit; and by online dance classes live from my living room… and so on until I tried Aerial Dance or Crossfit. Little by little I have been trying a different activity every day so I can experience new things and, now that the good weather is coming, it won’t be long before I try a paddle surf class! Variety is, without a doubt, the key to Urban Sports Club.

“It’s as simple as choosing the one that most appeals to you, reserving your spot and scanning the QR code when you arrive at the sports center.”

Another of the positive aspects that I saw in the application from the very first moment and that influenced my decision to try it out is the fact that it is not limited to just one city. Thanks to the extensive partnership with thousands of sports centers, you can enjoy Urban Sports Club in up to six different European countries. You don’t have to limit yourself to your own city; you can continue to practice sports when you go on a trip or, as in my case, when you return to your hometown. In addition, the application adapts to all kinds of situations and inconveniences caused by the health crisis. If suddenly your city’s restrictive measures decree the closure of gyms, you will still have the personalized live online classes and outdoor activities available, ensuring your health and the health of others.

From here I would like to make an appeal to all those people who want to do sports and lead a healthy life but are unable to follow a routine and are looking for variety when it comes to exercise. You can try four Urban Sports Club classes for free, what are you waiting for? Find out more here.

Urban Sports Club

Through this new proposal you will save time while activating your body in a super fun way. Urban Sports Club is health, fun, comfort and diversity in the same application.