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Is everything that surrounds an international music star a ‘postureo’ thing? Heineken® once again challenges reality in the networks and does so with the help of a true star: Nathy Peluso. 

Peluso is probably one of today’s most influential artists among young audiences, not only for her musical talent but also for her naturalness and honesty when it comes to posting on social media, showing herself to be ‘for real’.

During several pieces with a dual narrative, we can see Nathy Peluso in everyday situations from two different points of view: the real one and the ideal one that is usually projected on networks. All to show that, just like us, music stars have their real moments where they have just as much fun.

“The message of authenticity and honesty promoted by Heineken® Silver is important to me. Feeling comfortable and good in different situations, from the exceptional to the everyday, is part of what I try to convey as an artist” says Nathy who, in addition to being the protagonist of the campaign, reinterprets with her unmistakable style Massive Music‘s version of the song ‘Flash’, original by the American band Kool & The Gang.