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The NBA is aiming for fans to be able to fill the stadiums again during the 2021-2022 season thanks to COVID-19 testing and vaccines.


To this end, the NBA is currently working hand in hand with the biometric screening company Clear. In this way, sanitary controls have been made available to all the teams that make up the National Basketball Association. It is up to them to implement the measures in their stadiums to ensure the return of spectators.

The San Antonio Spurs or the Orlando Magic have already started to use the Health Pass provided by Clear; this measure is exclusively for their fans. The fans will have to download the application, verify their identity and health status before being able to access the sports facilities.

“I’m very optimistic that we can get back to full stadiums,” enthused Carn Seidman, Clear‘s CEO.

The only thing left to hope for now is an increase in vaccinations and improved health controls in order to be able to return to normality, at least in the sporting sphere.

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