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Almost a month ago we echoed rumours of a possible collaboration between two of the American giants, Supreme and Tiffany & Co. Well, today, October 13th, it seems we can finally confirm what was an open secret. Why? Read on…

As we said, we can confirm this news, as sources familiar with the fashion world have revealed in “petit comité” a list of possible products that could arrive as part of the expected collaboration.

In this list we are referring to, it is expected to include a range of jewellery and accessories, including a pearl necklace, a star bracelet and a studded heart-shaped knife. In addition, @supreme_leaks_news has shared an image of the collaborative box logo sticker, which of course, is dressed in Tiffany blue. The reverse of the sticker is completed with the jeweller’s logo.

At the moment, little else is known about this collab between Supreme and Tiffany & Co, but we promise to bring you more news soon. We’re sure the end result will be pretty cool.

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