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In times dominated by cryptocurrencies and the metaverse, NiiHai seeks to take us completely away from virtual reality and all that surrounds this trend.


That is why, for its AW22 collection, NiiHai wants to give a twist to the etymology of the word META, making a cult of the physical/tangible and the process of its realisation. To do so, they have always played with the mirror factor: result versus process.

The meaning of “meta”, which in Latin means: “Beyond…” while in Greek it refers to the “spatial limit of something”.

What sets this collection apart from previous ones is the sobriety, the lack of ornamentation, very elaborate patterns, a colour palette based on black, white and brown as an excess of a scale of greys. Without ever forgetting the brand‘s eclectic idiosyncrasy as far as silhouettes are concerned.

The campaign and look was created by Geray Mena and her team at Perpetua Foundation. In it, you can appreciate the Meta character through the images where the models are part of the process of taking the photos in the studio holding flashes, umbrellas and even shooting themselves.

In the second part of the story, we are teleported to a copy shop in Madrid where we are shown the process of printing the same images but in large format and in various formats such as mugs or computer mousepads. In this way, the circle is completed with the casual character that characterises NiiHai so much.


Photography: Geray Mena

Illumination: Diego Pérez De La Cruz

Creative Direction: @rosalindis @therealchami

Styling: @princesa._.5

MUAH: @lucas.margarit & @catalinasartor_  

Set Design: Sara de Miguel

Talents: @bambi33__, @joansluv16, @amaliadenieves, @seselwazz