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Nik Bentel has turned the beloved Barilla pasta boxinto a bag! Now the navy blue box of the Italian pasta brand is positioned as this season’s must-have thanks to the New York-based designer.

The designer has produced 100 units of the limited edition leather bag. Nik Bentel (@nikbentel) assures that he will not manufacture again once the existing units of the Barilla Pasta Bag are sold out. Everything points to the fact that it could become this season’s “hype” accessory.

The blue leather bag has a stitched handle and a gold chain; and it’s not lacking in detail. The Barilla logo, nutritional information panel, cooking instructions and all other details have been UV printed on the accessory’s blue leather.

The limited edition Barilla Pasta Bag was just released at $199 at Sadly for us, the must-have of the season has sold out in seconds.

Nik wasn’t the only one to turn everyday objects into a cool bag. Check out the latest from Louis Vuitton here.