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Nike Sportswear presents an exciting new design that unites the best of Swoosh sports technology with an aesthetics full of art and culture.

Nike’s two most powerful technologies come together in new design with stunning aesthetics

The Nike Air Max 270 React combines Nike React technology, with soft and ultra-resistant foam, with the legendary Air Max system. In addition to a purely streetwear look, its efficiency is excellent, with a feeling of maximum comfort thanks to the smooth transition from the heel to the front of the foot.

One of its strong points is the upper, which eliminates seams and bets on a combination of materials and textures that achieve a magnetic aspect and inevitably evoke the Element React 87.

The model goes beyond aesthetics and boasts a concept and a meaning. Each colorway is inspired by a specific artistic movement. Psychedelia or Bauhaus are some of the currents that come to life now in sneaker format, exhibiting art, culture and design in every step.

The Nike Air Max 270 React will be launched worldwide on July 3.