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By taking a stand on public issues such as Black Lives Matter, staying true to its slogan “Just Do It” and giving a voice to influential women, Nike has become more than just an athletic apparel and footwear brand. 

Nike continues its partnerships with some of the world’s most influential women to empower female athletes and bring visibility to body diversity. The brand’s new images include rapper Megan Thee Stallion, Rosalia, Da-Ting, Parris Goebe, and many more.

Each Nike collection aims to rebuild the connection between a woman’s body and sport, including its Maternity line. The brand also encourages girls to start their sports careers and understand that their physical appearance does not define them as individuals with actions like Sport dans la Ville.

It also collaborates with Women Win and Gurls Talk, and has a pilot program Nike Pro Hijab and Nike Classic Sports Bra to help underprivileged girls. Aside from having athletes of the caliber of Serena Williams as ambassadors, it also collaborates with women leaders in all fields such as Colon Kaepernick.

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