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Nike has just released a new iteration of its classic Blazer model. It is the new collaboration with Yuta Hosokawa’s brand READYMADE. The result is a new silhouette deconstructed using the Japanese brand’s own DIY techniques. 


Nike x READYMADE results in a new Blazer sneaker concept. Its deconstructed shape is the focus of criticism and praise because it gives the shoe a new version that is far from its original design. The first thing that catches the eye is the wavy Swoosh, which is longer and thinner than what we are used to on Nike sneakers.

“We deconstructed the Blazer and recreated it without losing sight of its DNA,” says Hosokawa. “I have been playing basketball since I was in third grade. The first pair of shoes I bought for myself were Nikes. That’s how I came to like fashion.”

In keeping with the READYMADE philosophy, 15% of the shoe’s sole is made from Nike Grind, which is a blend of recycled materials that come from Nike’s manufacturing waste and other worn-out sneakers.

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