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New York label NOAH takes us on a nostalgic ride through the depths of the ocean with its new Popeye-inspired collection of nautical aesthetics.

Within the marine version capsule, one piece stands out above the rest: the Bedale jacket in collaboration with Barbour. Now, the garment is colored in white, green and navy blue, so you can choose the tone that best suits your style and personality.

The minimalist collection also includes workwear pants, striped T-shirts or graphics connected by the figure of Popeye and his girlfriend Olivia. Complementing these designs, we find a series of accessories ranging from nautical items such as a towel or a razor to key chains or needlepoint pillows.


The collection will go on sale March 24 and will be available at Noah in New York, Amagansett, Tokyo and Osaka, while the Barbour Bedale jacket will also be on display at Dover Street Market London.