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Noah NY welcomes the garments that make up the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. Through it, he celebrates creativity without boundaries in a totally retro style.


Through this new release, the New York brand combines different concepts such as workwear, streetwear and traditional tailoring to give life to new designs. As Banbenzien says, the inspiration came from a personal anecdote. In a press release, Noah’s founder and creative director recalls the exact moment when he lost his job as a DJ. This triggered a strong frustration in him as he realised the limits imposed on musicians.

Now, having moved on from the slump that marked his youth, Banbenzien celebrates and embraces the idea that creativity and creators have no limits through Noah FW21. In this exclusive collection, we find everything from suede blazers to sweatpants, corduroy jackets and wool jumpers. Other standout pieces include suit jacket and trouser ensembles and graphic T-shirts that pay homage to music culture and its freedom.


Noah‘s new collection is now available at the brand’s flagship shop in New York. It will go on sale from 19 August via the official website and will arrive at Dover Street Market LA and London on 26 August.