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Nude Project, the fastest growing streetwear brand in Spain, is back with its first women’s collection.

Up until now, the brand has been known for its unisex collections with versatile designs and a more street style approach. This summer, they have opted for a new line that includes tank tops, cross tops, baby tees, shorts and outfits in vibrant colours that we will be able to find for the first time in this drop. The fashion brand will launch this new collection for the first time with one of its iconic pop-ups in Barcelona.

With this ode to femininity, Nude Project brings together sensuality, beauty and freshness in the brand’s most comfortable and feminine garments. The brand’s inspiration comes from the fact that a large part of its public did not have so many options to wear their oversized T-shirts during the hottest time of the year. For this reason, Nude Les Femmes was born to represent the boldest and sexiest side of women. The young brand, full of creativity, is committed to a cute, chic and bold style that, without a doubt, meets all the trends of this summer.

Versatility is assured with this new drop. Beach, street or gym. Any of the three scenarios is suitable to wear a full Nude summer look. As usual, the phrases of their garments are a point for which Nude Project stands out. ‘Future MILF’ is one of the slogans used on their new T-shirts, available in various shades and promises to be the bestseller of this collection.

Undoubtedly, Nude Project bets for a complete summer collection with accessories such as mobile phone cases, necklaces, headbands, rings or scarves with which to create a total look ‘Nude Les Femmes’. Their garments are made of light fabrics that advocate diversity and disconnection.


On the occasion of this launch, Nude Project will make a stop of the NUDE TOUR in Barcelona with an ephemeral shop. Baixada de Sant Miquel nº3 will host next 21st and 22nd July the pop-up where the whole community will be able to enjoy the premiere of ‘Nude Les Femmes’ in a unique space. The event will also feature a Nail Art Stand, DJ set and live performances.