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The frame, inspired by the original Oakley® Xeus gold launched in 2021, prompts athletes to reflect on what it takes to achieve success in their sport and beyond.

Oakley® launches XEUS_AG, a new take on the brand’s revolutionary Xeus sunglasses launched during the Tokyo Games. This time, they come in a striking silver colour and are inspired by the name of the chemical element and represent the warrior’s struggle for constant improvement and the pursuit of inner strength.

The original Xeus inspired great athletes to draw on the mindset of a God and the image of a warrior as they overcame the mental and physical challenges of Olympic competition. Now, the XEUS_AG encourages us to look inward, rather than at our opponents, to achieve greatness and enable thoughtful innovations in the world of sport and beyond.

Part of the Oakley® range of sunglasses with PhysioMorphic™ geometry; enabling a never-before-seen lens design with organic curves that ensure optimised coverage and an integrated retention system equivalent to a frame. The distinctively shaped lenses with Prizm™ technology feature a two-tone colour treatment for an inimitable eye-catching look and enhanced colours and contrast for more detailed vision.

“The original Xeus set the stage for the ultimate performance eyewear: XEUS_AG,” says Nick Garfias, Oakley® Vice President of Product Design. “The cutting-edge, revolutionary design is specifically engineered to help you become the best version of yourself, not just in the world of sport. Every detail, from the PhysioMorphic Geometry perspective, to the colours and Prizm lens technology, is purposefully engineered. Greatness begins on the inside, and the XEUS_AG is designed as a reminder and a reminder to do just that.”

The new XEUS_AG are available in limited quantities starting July 15 at and select retailers.