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Continuing with the strategy of weekly drops, laagam introduces the mid-season movement, knitwear, puffers and bursts of colour that make the greyest time of the year more bearable.

Pioneers in the on demand model, laagam launches weekly proposals that cover all the needs of different types of women. Party dresses, knitwear, printed outfits, statement pants… the range of possibilities grows every week.

Aesthetically, the brand returns to the city, representing a cosmopolitan lifestyle in which we see different girls in different situations or scenarios that enrich the narrative and background of the brand. Based on the codes of the magazine photos we grew up with in the 90s and early 00s, we follow our laagam girl in her day-to-day life.

That transitional moment in the night when you move from one party place to another serves to narrate this entry into the cold and the festive season. Colourful knitwear, WOW moment dresses and electric blues accompany to make the cold more bearable and embrace, once again, the world of the night.

With a touch of homage to the world of motorsport, laagam found it interesting – as Hugo Comte did with Dua Lipa – to embrace such masculine codes and appropriate them to showcase his silhouette & dakota dress, phantom pants, elba & shelby knit and Giulia ensemble.

Innovating in the industry with its sustainable, on-demand approach, the brand refreshes its stock on a weekly basis. Its mantra? To produce only what it sells. The Made in Spain reconverted into Handmade in Spain.

Don’t shoot me. It’s just fashion.