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Swatch’s recipe for love starts with a piece of creativity, continues with a splash of colour and ends with a good spoonful of joy and personalisation. Since 1995, Swatch has been creating special watches for the annual celebration of love, and this year it has been caught red-handed. So here are three designs that are perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day all year round. 


For many people, the way to the heart is through the stomach. For Swatch, it also goes through the wrist. RECIPE FOR LOVE has a touch of personalisation that will connect gastronomically passionate soul mates. LOVE TO GO AROUND and PUREST LOVE complete this year’s Valentine‘s collection with timeless designs that celebrate love.

A special watch from the watchmaker is a unique gift for couples and friends. RECIPE FOR LOVE puts the icing on the cake of playfulness and personalisation with nine different loops for the strap and also includes hands in the shape of a knife and fork. The idea is to create your own recipe for love with the nine loops.

The packaging of RECIPE FOR LOVE comes with a surprise. On the back of the red and white checked box is a tender recipe: “Fill the heart with love, magic, seduction and confidence. Mix it with joy and combine it with sex appeal and soft touch. Finally, decorate with kisses. Cook for as long as it takes, whether for a night or a lifetime”.

Finally, there is LOVE TO GO AROUND and PUREST LOVE, two timeless watches that play with reflections and love. Channelling true romanticism, the word ‘Love’ is printed three times on the metal dial of the LOVE TO GO AROUND. The elegant white PUREST LOVE, on the other hand, features the same word in white and a heart at 12 o’clock. For an extra touch, the hands are in the shape of Cupid‘s arrows.


The Swatch Valentine’s Day collection is now available on its website as well as in its physical shops.