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For its new Ottolinger Fall21 collection, a rocky landscape is the setting for a tale halfway between reality and fiction. Naturally, the Berlin-based brand’s craftsmanship and textile experimentation lead to organic creations. 

Cosima Gadient y Christa Bösch have plunged even deeper into the Ottolinger world to further refine the universe that is intrinsic to them. This season, feathers and oversize jackets are added to the proposal. The silhouettes appear solid and energetic, capable of surviving the harsh landscape that forms the backdrop of the fashion show.

Earth tones, as if fresh from the rocky landscape, dominated the runway. Even so, there has also been room for more colorful pieces in the form of dresses and tactical garments. A mesh T-shirt and pants ensemble printed with the dreamlike portraits of New York painter Cheyenne Julien stands out on the runway. Snake-like accessories wrap around several of the looks, accentuating curves and adding a sense of movement to the pieces in the collection.

Asymmetry and deconstruction continues to be present in Ottolinger Fall21 imagery. Whatever the garment, Ottolinger’s cut and tailoring is aimed at creating that sense of imbalance in the human eye.

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