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OVVER STUDIO presents itself as a European production brand based on the most timeless streetwear that seeks a completely new restructuring of the concept of elegance.

A meeting place between two fused styles that combine the most classic streetwear structures of the 80s and 90s with contemporary colours and shapes with an artistic influence.

In its first collection, CAPSULE 001, the brand sets aside established urban patterns and proposes garments with a more functional approach. The result is a showcase of consistent materials and design with an avant-garde aesthetic.

As an iconic image of these values, the carabiner. Atypical in fashion, it has been 3D printed to achieve the design of the object with a practical use by reducing its weight to a minimum. Thus, it has become an accessory for garments through its notorious light weight and design while maintaining its original function.

In addition, in this same line they invite us to break away from pre-established canons or ideas, OVVER STUDIO presents itself as an agender brand where all the garments are designed for everyone and have an oversize fit.

Keeping with the timeless and practical colours of beige, white, grey and navy, the collection features a pop of colour in the form of orange and sky blue.