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Apple Music launches Palace’s global DJ Mix page, featuring exclusive DJ mixes, the London-based skate and clothing company’s new space, which will offer listeners around the world new mixes from the biggest names in the scene, including Omar S, Robert Hood and Rory Milanes, as well as playlists of powerful tracks featured in Palace’s videos.

 “Dance and electronic music, and DJ culture in general, underpin the Palace brand in every way, all through a very unique prism,” says Stephen Campbell, Apple Music’s Global Head of Dance and Electronic. “We’re excited to bring a cultural institution as a curator and mixes from generational legends plus the best of the latest to Apple Music subscribers around the world”.

Palace’s curator page will also include a selection of new DJ mixes in spatial audio and archive mixes from the company’s favourite DJs, all of which will be available exclusively for streaming on Apple Music, the leading streaming platform for monetising DJ mixes and ensuring that DJs, artists and mix providers are fairly compensated.

“We love music, so creating a space for it to be streamed on Apple Music seems like a great idea,” says Lev Tanju, founder of Palace. “Music from Palace’s skate videos and mixes from our favourite DJs from around the world – this will be our corner of online music and we’re excited about it.” In addition to the initial content, new mixes will be available on Apple Music based on Palace’s cultural and event calendar.

Palace DJ Mixes can be found HERE on Apple Music.

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