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Prada introduces the second launch of its Outdoor collection. It began last month with the Coast selection and continues now with the Mountain capsule. In it, we find all kinds of mountain accessories elevated to a level of extreme luxury.

Just a few weeks ago we were surprised with the new and luxurious version of the classic tic-tac-toe game designed by the Italian house. Now, we are once again amazed by the Mountain collection, designed for all those who love the mountains and outdoor activities. In this way, a series of premium items have been designed to enjoy this hobby at a higher level.

Among the various items are a $650 frisbee; an $875 hammock; $140 food containers; $420 tablecloth sets; and even new $550 dog leashes. In addition, camping items such as a camping mat and sleeping bag, all made from Re-Nylon and featuring the Prada logo, have also been included.

Prada‘s Mountain collection is not yet available in Spain but is expected to arrive soon.