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No, it’s not a collaboration with Nike or a tribute to their famous silhouette. Prada’s new sneakers look suspiciously similar to the Air Force 1…

But this is not the first time that we find clear references to one of the most classic sneakers. It already happened with Dior‘s B27 or Gucci‘s GG Embossed Sneaker. And now it’s the turn of Prada, who have just presented their new silhouette: the Downtown Sneaker. The funny thing is that even the name of the shoe seems to be a nod to the AF1, sometimes known as Uptowns. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

The Downtown Sneaker comes in a varied selection of colours: red, orange, yellow and blue. Combining pure white with these shades, details are accentuated on the rear midsole, sole and toe cap. To elevate the shoe to the next level, a Prada logo plaque is included on the outer side in addition to the high quality leather design.

As they are part of the fashion house’s SS22 collection, they are not yet on sale. In fact, if you look for them on the website, they appear as SOLD OUT, so we assume that they will arrive in shops (both physical and online) throughout this season.

And speaking of sneakers… Did you know that Vans is suing MSCHF for their collaboration with Tyga?