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Prada SS23 by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons is a true boast of tradition as an essential vehicle to position itself at the forefront of fashion. Under the name “Prada Choices”, both designers have managed to unite on the catwalk their sophisticated and punky style, respectively.

The first impact is of a man from the 60s; as the show progresses, you realize that Miucca and Simons have recreated the profile of the perfect Mod. Mods rode Italian motorcycles, drank espresso coffee, cut their hair French style and watched new wave movies. The musical icons of that era were The Who and The Beatles. And that is exactly what the catwalk has become.

The best Italian suits, Harringtons, brightly striped turtlenecks and Beatle boots were on parade. Prada also revived the Vichy pattern, which looks set to be the next trend. Along with vichy prints, tartan and stripes appear in very appetizing knitted garments for the mid-season. Of course, Prada’s chic touch was also present at the event: layered coats, very short shorts and Symbole bags.

Through the motto “Advance and learn”, key words of the modernist essence, the collection is supported by direct, recognizable and archetypal pieces. There is always a complexity of thought behind seemingly simple results, and so it shows in Prada SS23.

Striking a balance between kinky and elegant, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons fuse elements that may seem strange at first but work perfectly on the body. You only need to see the gallery of images of the show to realize that this is a proposal not only suitable for Prada but that never goes out of fashion.

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