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The initial collection of (RUNNER), the new footwear firm of Raf Simons, is made up of eight silhouettes with different styles and colorways that make clear the aesthetic line that the brand will follow: futurism and functionality.


(RUNNER) FW20 by Raf Simons

The SOLARIS, CYLON, ORION, ANTEI and 2001 models in Raf Simons‘ first FW20 collection are built with a design that sometimes challenges the traditional silhouette of sneakers, while other shoes play on classicism with a more modern touch. The materials used feature leather and suede, with progressive shapes that focus on technical innovation and rubber mid-soles. Each model shows the name of Raf Simons, standing out on minimal colour schemes.

The release date has not yet been set, but they are expected to be available in June this year on websites like SSENSE.