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Palomo Spain and PUMA have joined forces to design an exclusive collection that explores team sports and retro style while championing today’s bold vision of gender fluidity. 

This collaboration between PUMA and Palomo Spain takes inspiration from the football stars of the 1970s and their glamorous life off the pitch, linking the flamboyant approach to fashion of that decade with Palomo’s own romantic, gender-neutral designs.

“My goal with this collection is to bring our most exuberant essence to PUMA, while at the same time stepping out of my comfort zone designing sportswear. This is what led me to subtly reference Johan Cruyff, the football icon par excellence of the 70s, who is also the perfect embodiment of Palomo Spain’s aesthetic in sport” says Alejandro G. Palomo, founder and creative director of Palomo Spain, “It was wonderful to partner with a company that has the means and engineering to work all the elements in a way that I can’t in my studio and atelier. This has allowed us to approach the collection in a more technical way from the very beginning,” he says.

“The crossover between craftsmanship and technology is very interesting. It’s not too obvious at first glance but nevertheless, it took a highly technical production process to create the embroidery and details that are so typical of the Palomo brand on the PUMA scale. These delicate graphic elements elevate the collection and bring the right balance to a classic, clean silhouette” comments Heiko Desens, Global Creative Director of PUMA.

With precise lines and timeless, relaxed colours ranging from beige to navy through burgundy and bright yellow, the gender-neutral collection is packed with references to classic team sports.

Among the designs that make up the garment selection are a cotton and polyester T7 tracksuit with embroidered trim and the sinuous PUMA x Palomo Spain logo; a football-inspired half-zip polo shirt that combines embroidery and jacquard; and a nylon coat.

The footwear offering includes the nostalgic Weekend trainer, as well as the Nitefox moccasin, with a bold trail-inspired sole. There is also a lace-up boot version of the Nitefox. Accessories add a touch of elegance with the two-tone Grip bag, burgundy Crossbody clutch, embroidered cap and printed satin scarf, as usual in Palomo Spain‘s collections.

“Palomo Spain’s fashion vision is always warm and welcoming. Whether it’s his choice of colours, materials or references, his joyful essence has immediately struck a chord with us. His sense of rebelliousness, defiance of stereotypes and celebration of self-expression is also what PUMA stands for” concludes Heiko Desens.


PUMA x Palomo Spain is now available on the sports brand’s website, on and in selected shops worldwide.