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Bimba y Lola partner with PZ TODAY to run the A HOT BAG campaign. A campaign that reinforces the new brand vision and consolidates an editorial line much closer to a Z and millennial gen. The campaign is a marvel from our point of view… Lovers of heat and spice, this is for you.

Unexpected, surprising and with a great sense of humor, the campaign that PZ are running for Bimba y Lola breathes the full essence of the Paris-based Thai artist. PZ TODAY is well known for working with different artistic and visual disciplines, always with an unconventional approach. Among her most outstanding works is PZ World , a fun wedding catalogue far from the expected.

This time Lily Mcmenamy, Lera Abova and PZ TODAY herself star in the three videos for this campaign, which focuses on Bimba and Lola’s new bag collection.

Funny and colourful, PZ’s stories do not leave the viewer indifferent. Summer and heat are near, and your bag knows it #thisisHOT.