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Raf Simons presents his first mixed show for SS21. Under the name “Teenage Dream”, the Belgian designer alludes to classic teenage cinema to connect with youth culture. The pieces are dynamic and reminiscent of the 1990s. Are you ready to relive your teenage dream? 


Raf Simons has just presented his proposal for SS21 through a collection that celebrates the best cult films of the 80s and 90s. Alien, The Breakfast Club or Hair are some of the references the designer has played with. With “Teenage Dream” Simons is breaking down barriers and extending the scope of his brand to include, for the first time, women’s clothing.

Simons’ manifesto remains the same: to design for youth culture while renewing its distinctive forms. The collection includes thick knitted waistcoats and shirts with sinuous graphics. Some highlights are Raf’s classics, such as the wide jackets, cut from the back, and the straight coats. Other highlights include tight shirts, turtlenecks with the Simons logo, bell-bottoms and sleeveless leather jackets. A whole ode to the retro style.

Undoubtedly, the plethora of abstract patterns has guided the course of the collection. Also the prints, which have been presented in each of the pieces to elevate this adolescent spirit, in the form of graphics, textiles, pins or badges.

Raf Simons’ SS21 collection will be available early next year. While you take a look at Raf’s latest here.