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Singer, designer and now makeup business entrepreneur Rihanna must be very happy with how well her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, is doing. After leaving music aside for a while and focusing on her brand, RiRi has just announced the launch of the first Fenty Beauty perfume. How do you like it? Read on…

As we said, the Barbados has been launched to conquer now a new market, that of fragrances and perfumes. This news has been announced through a post on the Instagram profile of Fenty Beauty, in which we have been able to observe how users and followers of the brand have gone crazy with this news.

But that’s not all: F.B. also announced a preview of what the perfume bottle will look like. This will come in the form of a transparent bottle in sunset orange and accompanied by the Fenty logo. This preview of the perfume bottle was accompanied by the following phrase: “Something sensual, confident yet sexy. Coming your way very soon…,”.

At the moment, few other details are known about this upcoming launch. Stay tuned for more from Rihanna and Fenty Beauty because it looks like they are ready to surprise us.