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Origins, travels, experience. And the certainty that a suitcase is more than a receptacle. From the culture of travel that has forged the brand’s history comes the new Gucci Valigeria campaign, starring actor, screenwriter, director and musician Ryan Gosling.


Through the lens of photographer Glen Luchford, creative director Alessandro Michele inverts the classic narrative sense and sets the campaign in a dreamlike dimension that transcends the limits that separate it from reality to tell of a present built on the potential of imagination and encounter.

TheGucci Savoy collection is the narrative product of a story that shuns the typical grandeur of travel to give the value of memory to the origins of a brand born of intuition and the observation of potential. A brand that, thanks to travel, has led to the discovery of worlds and different cultural practices.

“For Gucci, travel has never been merely physical. Gucci is the brand that accompanied artists, writers, actors and Hollywood directors on their travels… That’s why I wanted the advertising campaign to capture a situationist dimension in which the protagonist goes through a ‘non-place’ that is, above all, a mental space, just like those who chose and choose Gucci. And this is why a Gucci suitcase appears as if it were a magic suitcase,” says creative director Alessandro Michele.

It is precisely in the act of travelling that Gucci’s origins lie. It was founded in Florence in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, who more than twenty years earlier, at the age of 17, emigrated to Paris and later to London. In the English capital, the young Florentine worked as a bellboy at the Savoy Hotel, the destination par excellence for international travellers. Already at a very young age, Guccio Gucci discovered the magic of travel, which at the time was synonymous with discovery, debate and study, as well as a bridge between different cultures.

Those were times when travelling meant living experiences, banishing the certainties of one’s own social environment, the search for the unexpected and the desire to find and know. On his return to Florence, he could not but remember that reality observed and studied, assimilated and ready to be transferred to his professional practice. And that is what Guccio Gucci did with his first suitcases, boots, bags and hatboxes.

In a narrative inversion within a space-time interval, these same receptacles become the protagonists of the advertising campaign for the Gucci Savoy collection, which includes soft and hard suitcases with and without wheels, travel bags, boots, hatboxes and beauty cases. Objects that encapsulate experiences and desires and which, as seen in the campaign images and video, fill the box of a shiny pick-up truck.

And it is in this dream adjacent to reality that Ryan Gosling resides. At the end of a journey full of exits and arrivals, he is presented with surprising spaces through a boot that becomes a portal to fantastic worlds that will turn out to be more real than anyone could imagine, as it leads to that reality of discovery that has always had the power to create unexpected worlds.

Gucci Twinsburg: an ode to reflection and individuality.