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Salomon is another of the many brands that have moved from a focus on sports, running and hiking to streetwear and street-style. After becoming one of the most fashionable sneakers and being worn by many insiders, this shoe has come back into the spotlight, thanks in part to its collaboration with The Broken Arm.

As you know, this is not the first time Salomon and The Broken Arm have collaborated together. Named , this new shoe has been designed to celebrate the cultural richness of the mountains and the Alps, as well as the traditional festival of its inhabitants, the Désalpe and the return of the herds that have been grazing all summer in the high altitude pastures.

The colour of the X- DESALPES is based on that of the previous X-Alps Leather GTX Gortex model, with metal eyelets that take note of the flowers found on the fir wreaths worn by cows, while an embroidered edelweiss flower houses the tongue of the shoe. Finally, this shoe is characterised by the protection and durability it offers and its GORE-TEX coated leather.

Do you like these new mountain shoes from The broken Arm and Salomon? If so, they are already available on the TBA website and cost 180 €.