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Again, London singer Skepta (@skeptagram) select an Air Max model for his new collaboration with Nike. This time the protagonist is the Air Max Deluxe that the rapper makes, from our point of view, the best of the three collaborations he has made to date.

Skepta x Air Max Deluxe

Skepta x Air Max Deluxe

The Skepta x Air Max Deluxe features a black neoprene base with a pattern that reminds us of the videos and the VHS texture on which a text is printed that reads “NEVER SLEEP ON TOUR” and “12:05 PM JUNE 08 2014“; all in mono OSD font.

The date and time in the text refer to the date and time Skepta released his single “That’s Not Me“.

A sneaker full of meaning that has not yet been released but that we have already seen in the feet of some of his friends like Sita Abellán (@sitabellan), for example. As for the price, it looks like the Nike Air Max Deluxe will cost 180€.