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All sneaker lovers have ever wanted to mix two or more parts of their favorite models in order to wear the ultimate sneaker. And many are the ones who are going to photoshope and publish their designs on the net. Sneakers Generator is an application that helps to simplify the creation process, being able to personalize a great number of different silhouettes through “sole swipe”.

With the app, you can have fun selecting the most fresh and new sneakers. After generating a new custom shoe, it can be voted on by other users with the classic “cop or drop”, and the more they vote for you the more you can move up in the rankings. Each user has their own profile in which all their creations are displayed and they can interact with other members of the community.

The platform also organizes contests where you can give free path to your creativity. The first contest was promoted by talents from different European countries and the winner got a Jordan 1 customized by designer Mattias Gollin.

The next contest will take place from March 23rd to 30th and the prize will be another pair customized by Mattias Gollin, but with a different color.
To participate and win, users will only have to subscribe to the application, generate a personalized shoe and get the most votes becoming the creation of the week.

We hope to see the Virgil Abloh inside you.