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While y’all are looking what’s happening in UK, USA or Belgium, outstanding talents like Oliver Iglesias are developing projects as ambitious as those out there. 93 SIERRA/CROSSES has all the ingredients to make it not only in Spain but internationally. Remember his name cause is coming hard.


When we talk about emerging talents these days we don’t talk about kids that have just graduated from a fashion school or that are doing some poor designs anymore. These millennials are doing dope shit at home without a degree. 

Oliver Iglesias (@oliveriglesias) is one of those designers that has grown thanks to his ambition, his love for fashion, his tenacity and obviously thanks to his good taste. 93 SIERRA/CROSSES (@93sierracrosses) is the proof that you can project your ideas in a successful way in one of the most exciting yet complex industries in the world.

Born in 1993, the Spanish fashion and graphic designer always felt attracted to clothes, trends and had the necessity to express himself through them. It all started with his streetwear brand Jon Kemuri where he embodied his designing identity back in 2016 after years of learning everything by himself. And though this first project went out pretty well in terms of sales and critique, Oliver didn’t felt it professional enough, so he kept improving his designing skills, started learning about garments, patterns and every step of the process. 93 SIERRA/CROSSES was born. The name gathers everything about his ultimate persona, being 93 his year of birth, SIERRA a reference to the mountains and the area where he’s from and CROSSES a direct allusion to his surname Iglesias (churches) and the iconography around its meaning.

The working class imagery and the unfair differences in our society inspired some of the graphics in his pieces, presenting his version of some of the most recognizable emblems from the Spanish labor unions. Some scenes from the film “Quadrophenia” are printed all over pants and  jackets, bringing an explicit representation of those concerns to his designs from a movie that depicted the endless battles between mods and rockers in order to rule in the community.

93 SIERRA/CROSSES is not about political propaganda but he takes those symbols to open a conversation with the customers. The editorial for this first collection is all about the surroundings. Models are captured in the Asturian countryside, in his grandmother’s house and her donkeys farm, embracing his roots to the fullest.

Sartorial pieces, Mazcatu custom technical wear, denim pieces, hoodies and a delightful bomber jacket are some of the exquisite creations from Oliver Iglesias’ 93 SIERRA/CROSSES.


No donkey business.

Creative Direction: @oliveriglesias & @gothic__sport

Photo: @faketopia