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At the beginning of 2021, Sisyphe continues to expand its proposal to revisit the classic closet. Reflecting the codes set out in the campaign, based on the book by Bret Easton Ellis, a review of the early 90s is made: yuppies, parties, hedonism… A universe that in comparison to the current scenario resembles another reality far away.

“The new luxury on which the firm relies is more a work in progress of an aesthetic than an empty revolution every 6 months.”

All this with the Made in Spain filter, characteristic of the brand, in which the popular imaginary joins the highest quality of the proposals: mohair cardigans, cold wool sweaters, tweezers and oxford shirts. Accompanied by Made in Canada & USA sportswear, this time freed from all ornamentation, in a work of editing the codes created by the brand in these 5 years and reflected in different treatments of the logo on the pieces through embroidery and prints. Completing and shaping the look of the brand are the classic shoes in the form of moccasins and the adidas Samba silhouette that gives the European sport-chic touch that they want to propose in this 2021.

This No Season proposal will be expanded throughout the year, with different extensions of this discourse, moving away from the ties imposed by a fashion system in which we do not believe. The new luxury on which the brand is based is more a work in progress of an aesthetic than an empty revolution every 6 months.

Highly Decorated Expensive Lifestyle.  



Creative direction: ElPablo
Photo: Pablo Alzaga & Victor Bensusi
Art Direction: Sandra Ramiro
Talents: IMAN (Let it Go Mgmt.)
Luis Nuin
Styling asst: Claudia del Rio
Muah: Sara Ayala
Tech: Assistant Brian Paez
Sound: Las reglas del juego
Video by Jaime Venegas
Design: Camilo Perseo
Powered by capsule
Special thanks to adidas

Shot in Madrid, 2020.