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After soothing fans’ anxieties with his recent single ‘Gore’ – one of his most successful to date – Sticky M.A. continues to brighten up the summer with new music. 

His latest single is a new commitment to innovation, a kind of ballad without a beat where the Madrid artist continues to show his non-conformism and desire to differentiate himself from the rest.

In ‘Kasei’, we find ourselves before his most electronic track to date, in which Sticky once again counts on Fabianni and I-Ace in the production tasks. This track is characterised by not exploding until the end, creating a feeling of constant tension where “El Pegajoso” shines with his characteristic autotune melodies; reaching new heights of euphoria and luminosity.

The video is directed by the Sticky Gang.

You can now enjoy ‘Kasei’ on all digital platforms: